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Thursday, 11 February 2016

What is Freelance? How To earn From Freelance Work


Freelancing is the way from which you can earn from different companies means you are self employed.

The Main Benefit of freelancing is there is no restriction of time whether you work in evening or in morning. One thing you must keep in mind that the work must be done in the given time period.

  From this point your review increase and your rank goes to high and chances of grabbing the work is high. This is the best way of online earning.

 Here are some freelance website from which you can earn as a freelancer.
  • Freelancing
  • Odesk
  • Fiverr
  • Toptal
  • Elance 
  • Guru
  • 99design

As a freelancer you can sell your services as a

  • ·         Writer (Article Writing, Content writing)
  • ·         Programmer
  • ·         Graphic designer
  • ·         Seo expert
  • ·         Website development
  • ·          Accountant
  • ·         Blogger

Many other services you can sell as a freelancer according to your skills.

Freelancing is a full or part time job service for skilled peoples. This is the best and easiest way of earning online if you have a skills in specific field and you have a marketing skills because freelancing is a system where you can find a work easily but you can grab this find work through bidding and in bidding there a lot of people who bid in a specific work post by some company representative or some individual. Some freelance website provides some sort of test from which you can rate or find some high earning contracts of work.


Now a days due to unemployment large number of people turn towards the online earning and from this act fraudulent people can take their benefit by asking them about the investing and take their money no doubt there is a lot of investing work on internet but people must start online earning from freelance now than earn and carry forward for investment online after learning from internet I am here from last 5 years and first 2 years I am online wasting my money and time and now  I am earning some sort of money from different platforms.

 Good luck for you guys

Friday, 5 February 2016

Online earning is real or fake?

 Yes online earning is real.

How Online Earning is real?

First of all I will tell you that online earning is real. There are lots of scammers here who grab money from people on the name of online earning. Here are some expertise on internet who can teach you but they charge remuneration of their services.

“Learning is the best way of earning”

Now a day’s people just hear about online earning and they don’t search lot about online earning and just imagine that online earning is very easy and we can earn in $ with in no time but the fact is that online earning is not easy .
How Online Earning is real?

There are Lot of ways to earn online here are some examples of online earning.
1.       Freelancing
2.       Blogging
3.       Website developing
4.       Search engine Optimization (SEO)
5.       Back links
6.       E Currency Exchange
7.       Affiliate Marketing
8.       YouTube videos
9.       Fiverr
10.   Odesk
11.   Ad Publishing
12.   Networking
13.   Private blog Networks(the most Powerful tool of earning online but most difficult way)

These are the different ways of online earning but for this first you can learn some knowledge about that.

Freelancing   is the best way to start and earn online this is helpful for those people who have some sort of ability in some filed. Read More

Blogging is a type of website on this you can write article and first people can start free blogging tools web 2.0. Read More

From Website Developing you can earn more than you imagine. Read More

Search Engine Optimization, Back links, Affiliate Marketing, and networking is also in a set of website development. Read More

 Ad publishing and you tube Videos is related to affiliate marketing is the common way of earning like click bank, Google Adsense and bidvertiser. Read More

Odesk and fiverr is a part of freelancing from there you can sale your services. Read More

Private Blog Network (PBN) one of the best and more powerful tools in this era where you can earn money which you can never thought before. Read More

Saturday, 23 January 2016

What is private Blog Networks [PBN]?

Private Blog networks

Now A days Private blog networks is very powerful tools for bloggers.
Private Blog network (PBN) is consisting of more than 1 websites. These websites are mostly expired domains that owns someone (he must be an individual or a company owner anyone else) at one time. PBN is also made up of web 2.0 Websites. Here another question arises in your mind that what is web 2.0 Websites
[Web 2.0 Websites are free domains like wordpress, tumblr, livejornal, blogspot etc]
But but but here is another problem that free domains are not too much powerful like a paid domain.

How to find high quality expired domains?
We can find the expired domain from expiredomain.net and domain haul.
To find a high quality expired domains is a very difficult because when we are going to find the expired domains we must keep in mind the following things.
Ø   DA and PA Must be Greater than 15
Ø  RD minimum 10
Ø  Spam score maximum up to 2
Ø  Clean Archive  history
Ø  Never used as a PBN already
Ø  CF and TF is more than 15
Ø  Ratio never be double
Do you know that expired domains have more authority?
Google give value on the basis of the domain age. So if you find the expired domain the domain age must be less than 2010 that is why expired domain has more PA and DA than The New One. Backlink is the 2nd biggest core value of expired domains. These are some analysis which backlink carries.
Ø  Total Backlinks
Ø  Total domains linking with the expired domain
Ø  Total linking of ip Addresses
Ø  Image Link
Ø  Do follow no follow
Ø  Different links in comment box

private Blog Networks [PBN]
Here Are the Different Ways from which you can find the history of Expired Domains

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